The Alexander & Buono Academy (ABIA) provides classical musicians education in performance, marketing, entrepreneurship and career development.  ABIA was founded in response to a need expressed by performing and visual artists throughout the world for a comprehensive program of study which would not only address enhancement of repertoire and technique, but one that combined the business an marketing tools necessary for a sustained and successful career.


Group Lessons

Group Lessons offer a curriculum that includes Master Classes, Business Seminars, Lecture Series for artists of all ages, at elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. Courses address needs associated with technique, repertoire, and performance, as well as the educational and academic demands of auditioning and the school admissions process.


Private Lessons

Private lessons and evaluations offer individualized training for students of any age and levels to advance their skills much more quickly.

These lessons are available from Academy Officers and Faculty.  Please call our offices at 212-947-4503 or Contact us to learn more.

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consultations & eVALUATIONS

Whether your interest is in gaining a better understanding of the high school and college admissions process, or organizing strategies designed to help with your next career move, we provide the type of career counseling that leads the refinement of current and future plans, as a means of keeping career objectives on course.  Our work with students and professionals at all stages of career development has helped hundreds of artists fulfill their academic and professional goals.  

Please call our offices at 212-947-4503 or Contact us to learn more. 


online learning

Coming in early 2017, we will be launching some of our most popular courses online for you to access anytime, anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in learning more, please sign up for our email list (please scroll to the bottom of this page). We will make sure you are the first to know once Online Learning becomes available.