Mimi Shoji

A student of both Yumiko Matsuyama and Takashi Hironaka, pianist Mimi Shoji began her studies at age five.  She is the winner of the 28th Music Competition of the Miyagi Association of Artists, where she received the Best Performance Award, the Mayor’s Prize of Sendai, and the Composer’s Prize, all as part of the same competition. She is also the recipient of the Incentive Award of both the 30th and 36th competitions from the same organization.

A graduate of the Miyagi Gaukin High School, and currently a student in the Department of Music of Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University, she is also the winner of the Outstanding Performance Award of both the 33rd and the 34th piano auditions of the Japan Piano Teachers Association, Tohoku Region, and a finalist in the 62nd All Tohoku Piano Competition, where she also received the Incentive Award presented by Tohoku Broadcasting.

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